MK Lite Driver Rh Yellow 45in – 115cm

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It's all about the fit and MKids have the right size for you. The MKLite Driver is available in three colour-coded options. As part of the highest spec junior club range on the market, the Lite Driver features a Tour quality grip and MKLite Launch Control Shaft. MKLite Tour Style Grip A unique Tour quality grip, created by MKids in a range of sizes that grow with the length of the clubs. Allows kids to develop a good golfing grip as they help to promote a light pressure grip while providing incredible stability. The Perfect Specification MKLite Drivers are designed with the younger golfer in mind, with a 280cc head and 18 deg of loft to maximise distance and consistency. MKLite Launch Control Shaft – LCX Designed to create a high launch angle and trajectory. Perfect for younger kids, allowing great flight and distance and giving greater consistency.

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