Yonex Ezone GT Men’s Irons – Graphite

Yonex Ezone GT Men's Irons - Graphite

Yonex Ezone GT Irons Graphite The new range of Ezone GT golf clubs are here to make a statement; Distance & Accuracy in it's finest form. The NEW G-BRID Structure features a Graphite Hybrid Insert behind the club face to dampen any unwanted vibrations and produces a lower & deeper center of gravity. Ezone GT Irons also increasing feel and comfort with it technology, giving you a similar feel to a forged iron. Harder and thinner face for increased Repulsion Power Chromoly stainless head with toughest metal Yonex have used. Thinnest club face. Ezone GT feature's the thinnest in this range at 2.3mm (XPG 2.5mm) Graphite insert built into cavity dampens vibrations for greater feel/comfort. 3D Sole Design reduces sole contact with turf and helps maintain club-head speed through impact. The EX-320 Graphite shaft option is a high tensile shaft, increasing club speed with a faster kick back and higher stability through the ball. Face Construction: SUS431 Stainless Steel Precision Casting + Carbon Graphite Composite Head Construction: Chromium Molybdenum Steel Precision Casting + Carbon Graphite Composite Shaft Construction: EX-320 Graphite Grip: Original Yonex Rubber Grip Read our Ezone GT Type X Driver BLOG.

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