Graphite Design Tour AD YSQ 85g Hybrid Shaft .370 Stiff

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The Tour AD YSQ was introduced in 2008. The YSQ family of shafts is the new modernized YS+. New design and technology will add 3 to 5% in ball speed thus adding 6 to 10 yards of distance to each shot. The YSQ shafts incorporates an exclusive technology called AXIAL COMPOSITE INTERLACE (ACI) technology. Graphite Design engineers have discovered that strategic orientation of fibers in multiple angles gives the golfer ultimate performance. The ACI technology stabilizes the club eliminating shaft deformation to enhance the playability of today's larger club heads. The enhancement leads to superior distance and unmatched accuracy in every shot. Gaining popularity by professionals and tour players alike is the YSQ HYBRID, 85 grams, available in parallel or taper tip. The YSQ HYBRID shaft design utilizes the same ACI technology as the driver shafts. This allows the hybrid clubs to the launch the ball like a wood and spin the ball like an iron, the ideal combination. !!!!

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