Cleveland CG 11 Piece Golf Men’s Package Set – Steel/Graphite

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Cleveland CG 11 Piece Golf Men's Package Set – Steel/Graphite The Cleveland CG 11 Piece Golf Men's Package Set is an 11-piece, premium set of clubs all coming with a stunning, premium Golf Cart Bag. Ideal for the mid-high handicap golfer, offering you the ultimate forgiving Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid and Irons. The Driver is large and 460cc, built to go further with added forgiveness on off-centre hits. The matching #3 Wood features a slightly larger profile with a shallower face, helping lift the ball off the turf, helping you make better shots on tighter fairway lies. Included also is the #4 Hybrid. This is used to replace those hard-to-hit long irons. It is easy to use, easy-to-launch and the design will add confidence to your game when addressing the golf ball. The Iron set within this package set includes a 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW and SW, all fitted with Steel shafts. Featuring a larger iron face for a bigger sweet spot, producing better flight on all off-centre hits. Features Set Includes: Driver, 3 Wood, 4 Hybrid, 5i – SW, Putter, Cart Bag & Headcovers Premium 11-piece package set designed for mid-high handicap golfers Powerful and forgiving 460cc driver Larger profile fairway wood with shallower face to help lift the ball off the turf 5-SW steel irons with a larger iron face that provides for a bigger sweet spot #4 hybrid replaces the traditional 4 iron for more forgiveness from varying lie angles Blade putter fitted with a pistol grip Matching cart bag idea for a Golf Trolley. Shoulder strap also included High Performance graphite shafts for the woods and steel shaft for irons

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