Cobra King F7 Driver – Silver

Cobra King F7 Driver - Silver

Cobra King F7 Driver – SilverCobra has rightfully earned its ability to use the “King” name for its legendary products, and they’ve demonstrated it once again with the unveiling of the all-new 2017 F7 and F7+ drivers. They stripped out even more weight from the forged 811 titanium face by reducing and thinning certain areas around the perimeter, as well as making the centre thicker. In addition to its 8-setting adjustable hosel, the 2017 F7 features adjustable weight screws where a considerable amount of that discretionary weight was repositioned. Cobra’s vice president of research and development, Tom Olsavsky, mentions that “If you don’t save the weight on the front, it doesn’t matter what you do on the bottom or in the back… You have to take weight out of the heaviest parts (near the hosel) and in the face.”This club is equipped with built-in Smart technology, and is undoubtedly Cobra’s “smartest, longest driver ever.” The F7 comes stock with a Fujikura Pro shaft, three colour options including a tertiary colour this year of silver (F7 only), and a new visible carbon fibre pattern. The company’s ongoing commitment to pushing boundaries is exemplified with physics-defying CG locations and technology.In less than a year, Cobra has managed to make a tremendous leap forward in the development of the F7 Series. These advancements include aesthetically pleasing and performance-inspiring features, such as the improved sound of the F7 in comparison to the F6, its predecessor. A sophisticated 3-weight system replaces the FlipZone and CarbonTrac (movable weight technologies) found in the previous models. These “Smart” models are enabled with Cobra Connect at no additional cost. This game-tracking technology is built directly into the driver’s grip, providing comprehensive statistical analysis for every drive. Cobra is proudly billing the F7 range as being the first integrated sensor golf club. This Cobra-branded version of the Arccos Driver product analyses your performance, and sends you custom-created content when it detects an opportunity for improvement. It’s akin to having your own professional golf instructor present with you on the course at every moment. Cobra has managed to design a version of the Arccos Driver product that doesn’t require the previously needed bulky sensor to be attached at the bottom, but rather, is directly integrated into the grip. These photosensitive models begin to draw power only when the club is removed from the bag, delivering longer battery life with a two-year guarantee.The F7 is aimed at being extremely forgiving. Considerable impact on launch conditions and dispersion can be easily achieved by adjusting the position of its 12-gram coloured weight. This change of position from front to heel can offer a differential of up to 140 RPMs of backspin (300 vs 160, respectively), and the potential to pick up an additional 7 yards or so of anti-slice perfection can be accomplished with the use of one of the club’s upright (DRAW) settings.Its multi-material TexTreme crown is crafted with lightweight (20% lighter), yet powerful, carbon fibre – allowing the engineers to redistribute additional weight deeper and lower for maximum forgiveness and impressive distance. Tom Olsavsky also stated, “The benefit of going with the TeXtreme come in when you can take the weight out of the top and put it back in on the bottom… It gives us more centre-of-gravity adjustability and no penalties for the adjustable weight systems that we use.”Technology & Notable Performance Features:Arccos-supported Bluetooth game-tracking system connects to smartphoneAnalytics technology built directly into the gripLarger club profile at address than its predecessor (5% larger face)The driver is bigger as a result of the larger crown, but it is still within the 460cc limits3 CG settings provide lower lofts and maximum distance in a variety of conditions, giving you multiple clubs in oneCast Titanium 8-1-1 bodyForged 8-1-1 Titanium E9 face creates a larger sweet spotFine tune launch conditions with MYFLY 8 with SMARTPAD (loft settings)12g heavy, coloured weight can be moved (to the front position) to achieve more roll, penetrating ball flight, and less spin, or placed (at the back position) for added spin and more carryWeight position back: HIGH trajectoryWeight position front: LOW trajectoryAdditional 2-gram weights x 2More forgiving than the F7+Black in colour with attractive design schemeNew finish options44.25” shaft option available for players seeking greater control/consistencyAdjustable to achieve straighter drives (from 9° to 12° with upright/draw settings available at 9.5°, 10.5°, and 11.5°)Your trusted name for over 20 years, always stocks the industry’s latest technology and products. Purchase Cobra King F7 Driver in black today.

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