3.5+ Trolley Wheel Kit – Orange

3.5+ Trolley Wheel Kit - Orange

ClicGear 3.5 Trolley Wheel Kit – Orange The Clicgear® Wheel Kit allows you to dress up your cart, or if you are lucky enough to play a lot of golf, replace your old wheels with new ones. If replacing the wheels on a Model 1.0, the wheel kit ensures you will never have to pump up your tires again. Available in various colors to match all Clicgear production carts. New wheels can dress up your Model 2.0, Model 3.0 and Model 3.5 Plus cart as well. Easy to install, maintenance free design, solid foam core tires with an EVA Foam and natural rubber blend, press fit sealed ball bearings, engineered high strength rim, course friendly wide tread. All features make for a wheel that lasts. It is also possible to upgrade your pneumatic 2007 model 1.0 wheels to the new maintenance free design. Kit includes 3 wheels, axles (installed) and brake gear (installed). But today from Clickgolf.co.uk, authorised online 2017 Clicgear stockists

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