Wilson Staff D200 Superlight Men’s Full Bundle Set

Wilson Staff D200 Superlight Men's Full Bundle Set

Our unique Special Offer: Wilson Staff D200 Steel Irons, Driver, Fairway and Hybrid Set at almost 40% OFF our original price D200 – designed for the Distance player needing power, accuracy and a confidence-inspiring look at address – is the lightest and fastest adjustable driver on the market.Driver, Fairways and Hybrids:REACTIVE FACE TECHNOLOGYReactive Face Technology increases the size of the face to provide more forgiveness on heel and toe impacts and increased MOI, and decreases the thickness around the lower half of the face to increase ball velocities on mishits.ADJUSTABLE HOSELEach 6-way adjustable hosel features three loft and three draw settings to optimize both launch angle and left-to-right ball flight.CHEMICALLY-ETCHED CROWNA chemically-etched crown reduces weight and increases the thickness toward the face for structural support and durability. RIGHT LIGHT TECHNOLOGYThe Right Light Technology, achieved through optimizing the distribution of the driver’s limited available mass with a chemically-etched crown and a thin variable face, allows golfers to swing even faster with the same effort.Wilson Staff D200 irons in steel 5-SW (7 pieces) – designed for the Distance player needing power, accuracy and a confidence-inspiring look at address – feature Speed Sole Technology which allows for a thinner face-to-sole transition resulting in driver-like CT’s, faster ball speeds and longer distance.Features:SPEED SOLE TECHNOLOGYSpeed Sole Technology creates a thin face-to-sole transition, yielding a driver-like CT of 234. This cutout allows the iron face to flex, especially lower where most impacts occur, for extreme distances.WEIGHT PODSHeel and toe weight pods provide a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness. A satin finish on the pods show where the weight is positioned on the exterior of the club head.RIGHT LIGHT TECHNOLOGYThe Right Light Technology, which uses the limited available mass to create a balanced, solid-feeling club, allows Distance players to swing faster with the same effort.PREMIUM COMPONENTSRecoil Technology within the stock UST Mamiya Elements Chrome graphite shaft optimizes the spring effect and promotes the most efficient energy transfer from butt to tip to maximize ball speed and reduce ball dispersion.Shaft: Uniflex AG

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