Titleist Velocity Golf Balls 2020 – Pink

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls 2020 - Pink

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls 2020 – PinkEvery component of the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls has been engineered for maximum velocity, including new aerodynamic and core technologies that deliver the longest, best-performing Velocity yetThe 2020 design of the Titleist Velocity has been improved through comprehensive golfer feedback and new innovations developed inside the Titleist Golf Ball R&D labs. The invention of a spherically-tiled 350 octahedral dimple design produces a more consistent, high-flying trajectory for longer distance. Velocity's engine – a larger, higher speed LSX core – generates fast initial velocity with extremely low spin on all full swing shots to help golfers get every last yard.The increased core size also adds spin for greater stoppability on approach shots Fast NaZ+ Cover formulation is designed for speed and playable greenside feelGET EVERY YARDHigher speed LSX core produces faster speed. This translates to deep downrange distance for your game.LIGHT IT UPGet performance that matches your personality with new matte colors. Available in #1-4 white and matte pink, #00-11-22-33 in matte green and matte orange.HIT IT HIGH, LET IT FLYNew, higher performance aerodynamics optimise flight for more distance.MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCEEvery Velocity golf ball is made at Titleist Ball Plant 2 in North Dartmouth, Mass., to ensure the most consistent performance, quality and feel – from ball to ball and dozen to dozen.Order the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls 2020 in Pink, today at Clickgolf.co.uk. Authorised Titleist Stockists Since 1991.

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