Srixon Ad333 Tour (3) Dozen Pack – White

Srixon Ad333 Tour (3) Dozen Pack - White

Product Description The new AD333 Tour is a premium, lower-compression, 3-piece golf ball with a urethane cover. It is specifically designed for skilled golfers with moderate swing speeds who demand the performance and feel of a tour ball. The lower compression of the AD333 Tour makes it easier to compress so more golfers can achieve optimal distance on full shots. However, golfers will most appreciate the tremendous iron distance and the tour-caliber greenside spin control that the AD333 Tour delivers. A SOFTER E. G.G. CORE OPTIMIZES DISTANCE AND ACCURACYThe AD333 TOURs lower-compression Energetic Gradient Growth Core can be fully compressed by moderate swing speeds. This results in less backspin and sidespin so full shots go farther and also straighter THIRD GENERATION SPINSKINThe new Spin Skin is a proprietary, soft, elastic coating that creates higher friction at impact for tour-level spin control on approach shots and greenside pitches THE 338 SPEED DIMPLE PATTERN INCREASES DISTANCE AND CONTROL, ESPECIALLY IN THE WINDThe 338 Speed Dimple pattern, the same pattern used on tour by Srixon staffers, helps to increase distance by reducing drag. The low-drag design also improves accuracy in all wind conditions

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