Spalding SX35 Mens Golf Package Set – Steel/Graphite

Spalding SX35 Mens Golf Package Set - Steel/Graphite

Spalding SX35 Mens Golf Package Set – Steel/Graphite The Spalding SX35 Men's Golf Package Set is perfect for a starter golfer that is looking for outstanding performance in an affordable set. Including 14 pieces of quality, along with matching golf equipment, this Golf Set comes with a monochrome cart bag, an SX-35 driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, a putter, irons and 3 wood headcovers. It has everything you need to get out onto the golf course! Technology within this set will give you forgiveness, distance, and performance with every single club. FEATURES – Includes cart bag with: – multiple accessory pockets – Umbrella holder – Valuables pocket – Grab handle- Includes Driver with headcover- Includes 3 Wood with headcover- Includes Hybrid with headcover- Includes Iron set: 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, SW- Includes Putter (mallet style) DRIVER (GRAPHITE SHAFT) A 460cc Oversized Golf Driver is included in this bag. The SX-35 Driver has a wider head, ad this prevents mishits to improve your aim on the golf course. An aerodynamic club design, that adds distance to your game, as well as allowing for an easier club swing. FAIRWAY #3W (GRAPHITE SHAFT) The matching Fairway Wood brings versatility to your lineup and is the ideal club when in those fairways. Featuring a weighted sole, this club encourages a higher launch even in those harder-to-hit scenarios. IRONS (STEEL SHAFT) In this bag, there is a 6, 7, 8, 9, PW & SW selection, all built to add distance to your game with some solid, perimeter-weighted equipment. Now with a cavity back and a deep undercut cavity, the shape and construction of this iron set is ideal for connecting with that sweet spot. HYBRID (GRAPHITE SHAFT) Spalding has incorporated their innovating high-launch technology within these Golf Hybrids. A finishing touch to the woods in this Package Set, replacing the hard-to-hit long irons. CLASSIC MALLET PUTTER Featuring a classic mallet-shaped putter, inspired by recent product releases from those big-name brands. This Golf Putter is easy to align and adds a fantastic feel and better overall performance when on the green. Featuring heel and toe weights for increased control and precision.

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