Cobra King Ltd Driver – Black

Cobra King Ltd Driver - Black

King Ltd Driver – BlackTHE ULTIMATE DISTANCE MACHINE™.The KING LTD Driver is back, in matte black and smarter than ever with COBRA CONNECT™. Created with the best materials and technologies, the KING LTD is the Longest & Straightest driver that COBRA has ever created.The Ultimate Distance Machine: The longest and straightest driver that Cobra has ever created with COBRA CONNECT.Cobra ConnectCOBRA CONNECT electronic tracking device integrated into the grip of the Driver allows you to Track Your DistanceTM in every drive, and provides statistical analysis on distances and consistency down the fairway.Zero CGMost drivers have a CG (Center of Gravity) that is positioned above the neutral axis line.KING LTD is our first driver to get down to the neutral axis line (Zero CG), meaningmore distance through higher launch, less spin and more ball speed.SpaceportA multi-purpose weight structure that strategically positions discretionary weight low and deep in the club head while allowing golfers to see internal technologies that are delivering ultimate distance.Spiralock ThreadingFewer threads saves weight and makes the SpacePort connection resistant to vibration to allow the use of a removable weight without over-tightening or loosening during multiple impacts.Speed Channel FaceAn engineered trench around the perimeter of the face creates a thinner, more unsupported face for increased distance and faster ball speeds on off-centre hits.Multi-Material Textreme Carbon Fibre CrownTeXtreme Carbon Fibre yields a 20% lighter crown allowing for more weight to be redistributed lower and deeper into the club head for extreme distance and forgivenes.Forged Ti 8-11 Zone FaceRe-engineered 8-1-1 Titanium structure removes weight from key areas of the face and hosel area to increase size and speed of the SweetZone for more forgiveness on off-center hits.MYFLY8 With SMARTPADEight easily adjustable loft settings to manage trajectory and fine tune launch conditions to maximise distance while keeping the club head square at address regardless of the loft setting.Head Material:Body: Cast Titanium 8-1-1Face: Forged 8-1-1 TitaniumCrown: TeXtreme Carbon Fibre*Matching premium headcover and wrench kit included.

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