Cobra Golf King F9 Fairway Wood – Black/White

Cobra Golf King F9 Fairway Wood - Black/White

For the first time in a Cobra Fairway Wood, the ultimate precision of CNC milling is combined with SPEEDBACK and BAFFLER Technologies to deliver Cobra's longest, fastest and most accurate fairways.WHAT IS ITThe KING F9 SPEEDBACK fairway combines Baffler Rails, SPEEDBACK Technology, and precision CNC milling to deliver the ultimate blend of speed, distance and accuracy.WHO IT'S FORIdeal for 5-25 handicaps with moderate to faster swing speeds seeking maximum distance, forgiveness and high launch in a traditional shape.WHY WE MADE ITFor the first time in a fairway, the ultimate precision of CNC milling is combined with revolutionary SPEEDBACK with Baffler Rail Technology, delivering our longest, fastest and most precise fairways ever.UP TO 5 TIMES MORE PRECISECNC milling controls face thicknesses and curvatures to tighter tolerances, ensuring consistent performance across every fairway manufactured.INDUSTRY LEADING TECHNOLOGYCNC milling is an industry leading technology that took two and a half years to perfect. We are the only company to feature both CNC milled driver and fairway faces.COBRA'S THINNEST& HOTTEST FACECNC milling yields more precise face thickness controls compared to manual hand polishing, allowing us to design a thinner and faster conforming face.E9 SPEED TUNED TECHNOLOGYEach fairway face is SPEED TUNED using Dual Roll and E9 face technologies to produce consistent ball speed, launch and spin.DUAL ROLL TECHNOLOGYDual Roll curvatures are CNC milled into the face following exact specifications in the 3D CAD file design to ensure consistent performance on every fairway we manufacture.1. TOP ROLL CURVATUREThe top half features more curvature than the bottom half of the face to promote higher launch with reduced spin on shots hit above the centerline.2. 7-DEGREE AXIS TILTThe axis is tilted at a 7 degree angle to account for the amount of toe droop that occurs during a typical swing.3. BOTTOM ROLL CURVATUREThe bottom half features less curvature than the top half to promote higher launch with optimized spin on shots hit below the centerline.OPTIMIZED RAIL DESIGN.Redesigned to save discretionary weight needed to lower the club's center of gravity, while maintaining the same great turf interaction our Baffler rails have always provided.3W-4W SHALLOW RAILSShallower rails on the low lofts accommodate shallow/sweeping attack angles and allow the clubhead to glide easily through tight lies and rough.5W-7W STEEPER RAILSMedium height rails on the mid lofts accommodate both shallow and steeper attack angles to reduce digging and retain more clubhead speed.Buy the NEW! Cobra F9 Speedback Fairway Woods – Black/Grey with Free Custom Upgrades, today at

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