Footjoy 2021 FJ STRATOS Golf Shoes Mens GREY – UK070

Footjoy 2021 FJ STRATOS Golf Shoes Mens GREY - UK070

!!!!Out of this World Comfort!!!! FJ Stratos with STRATOFOAM, a proprietary cushioning system engineered from a unique compound blend that allows each shoe to absorb shock and return energy. • Plush NappaLuxe™ leather provides remarkable visual appeal, waterproof protection and luxurious comfort • The VersaTrax+ outsole constructed utilizing Estane® TRX TPU by Lubrizol, features an anti-channeling dual-durometer traction design that delivers optimal grip from any lie or angle. The versatile traction pattern offers two key benefits – a firmer durometer TPU optimal for on course performance and another softer durometer that delivers grip on harder surfaces for off course versatility • StratoFoam is a proprietary foam compound tuned specifically for golf that maximizes underfoot comfort while providing optimal energy return to reduce underfoot fatigue throughout the round • The Lane Last offers a full rounded toe character with a full fit across the forefoot which allows toes to spread and grip • 1 year waterproof warranty • High density Eva Fit-Bed and bootie-fit construction for sock-like fit and comfort !!!!ADVANCED VERSATRAX+ OUTSOLE!!!! MAX TRACTION FOR EVERY LIE, EVERY CONDITION – Revolutionary anti-channeling tread pattern engineered to provide total traction coverage and reduced slippage from every angle. PROVIDES GRIP ON ANY SURFACE – Utilizes multiple durometers of TPU to grip any surface -harder TPU elements for grip on course, softer for traction on harder surfaces. !!!!ALL-NEW STRATOFOAM CUSHIONING SYSTEM!!!! TUNED SPECIFICALLY FOR GOLF – StratoFoam uses a proprietary blend of cushioning to provide optimal support and comfort for conditions encountered while playing golf – swinging, walking and everything in between. PERFECT BLEND OF CUSHIONING & ENERGY RETURN – Absorbs shock for max comfort and also maximizes returns energy to reduce foot fatigue. !!!!100% WATERPROOF!!!! 1-YEAR WATERPROOF WARRANTY – Treated and processed to ensure waterproof properties are engaged at the molecular level and an additional membrane is integrated to bolster waterproof protection. PITTARDS OF ENGLAND LEATHER – Proprietary tanning process to achieve an ultra luxurious, supple feel.

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